Times of Assembly

  Bible Class 9:30 am 
  Worship 10:30 am 
  Evening 6:00 pm 
  Ladies' Class 10:00 am 
  Bible Class 7:00 pm


Mark Massey & Don Wallace

Jeremy Baker, Steve Brown, Truman Carroll, Ed Flynt, John Heffington, Steve Jefferson, Mark Long, Lawrence Mashburn, Van Massey, Jimmy McAlister, Scott McCown, Marty Pepper, Johnny Robinson, Gerald Todd, Scott Whitehead

Winford Claiborne & David Sain

Radio & TV

International Gospel Hour
Sundays at 7:00 a.m

Focus On The Bible
Sundays @ 7:30 a.m.
WEKR 1240 AM

Winford Claiborne, Speaker

What Does The Bible Teach?
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
Charter & FPU Channel 6
(Also available at various times on GBN at www.gbntv.org.)

David Sain, Speaker

Social Media

Greetings from the West Fayetteville Church of Christ

Our hope is that you will find West Fayetteville to be a caring congregation of Christians, committed to serving the cause of Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth.

If you would like more information about the church or would like a Free Personal Bible Correspondence course, please let us know.  If you're in the area, we cordially invite you attend the services of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ.

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Upcoming Events

Republic of Ireland Mission

The West Fayetteville Church of Christ is honored to be the overseeing congregation of missionaries Ryan & Kelly O'Rourke's mission effort in the beautiful coastal city of GalwayRepublic of Ireland.  

The website, galwaychurch.ie, exists to help tell the new congregation's story as the gospel spreads to honest souls seeking the truth in Ireland. Please pray for this endeavor and feel free to contact Ryan & Kelly or the elders at West Fayetteville should you have any questions.